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Together, let’s work to uncover the unique contributors to your pain and learn what can bring about more ease, more ‘life’ back to your life.

A safe place to begin with compassion, support, information and tools. Start slowly, gently, and build capacity to do more.

Recent evidence shows that understanding pain mechanisms can help empower you, provide agency and some influence over your pain. Finally, feel like you can connect the dots around your pain. Create new pathways to your life ahead.

Invest in yourself

It’s often during life transitions or after a big event, illness, or change when you begin to feel stuck. Exhausted, maybe overwhelmed, in pain or discomfort. And so a cycle of sleep disruption, anxiety or depression, or perhaps persistent pain begins.

Treatments sometimes don’t work as there’s is often this ‘thing’ applied to everyone… and yet no-one has the same life, history, or environment as you. Let’s work together to identify what is unique about you and your circumstances and therefore what might be helpful and supportive for you.

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“I must say, you and your program were exactly what I needed back then when my hip was such a mess. That was then, and the cane has long been parked in the hall closet. I’m doing much better. You helped me at my lowest, both physically and mentally during this challenge.” – Alan S.

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I just finished offering a two-night workshop series this week with a CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) program that provides peer support to parents of children with complex medical needs. The topic – sleep. How did the facilitator, one of the Moms, introduce the topic on the first night? “Beautiful, delicious, sweet, wonderful, elusive, … Continue reading Maybe there’s time to rest.

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Each night as we gather together for dinner there are always lit candles on the table. If there doesn’t happen to be a table, there are still candles lit somewhere nearby. Nearly always we spend time to ‘set’ the table. It’s a thing in our family. When I was growing up, this was mostly reserved … Continue reading Strike a Match

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Bright Lights, Dim Prospects & Daunting News

One of the basics of sleep hygiene is to sleep in a darkened room. Kind of a no-brainer. However, what is a common reason people wake up in the night? If you’re like me, it’s often to go to the bathroom. Where are the brightest lights in your whole house? Likely the bathroom. Imagine the … Continue reading Bright Lights, Dim Prospects & Daunting News

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