Information, skills and tools off the mat… and into your life.

Whether sitting on a dock watching the sun, clouds and water pass by or engaging in all kinds of adventures, we all hope to participate fully in life. Does this feel out of reach for you?  What is it you want to be able to do? Do you suffer from pain, strain, sleepless nights, anxiety or depression?

To do the things we want in our life, to build long-term health and wellbeing, first requires awareness of where we’re (really, truthfully) at. Then, acquiring knowledge, skills and tools to get us where we want to be.

Learn to move well, find ease and create more freedom in your life.

Blending information from current pain science, kinesiology, and neuroscience with the tools from the old, traditional practice of yoga; meeting you where you’re at and together, formulating a step-by-step plan forward.

First, pay attention. Awareness is the way through.

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Yoga Tools – Open Your Mind

I’m going to challenge you to change things up this week. Whatever you think you should be doing, (in a movement, in your posture) whatever you’ve been told to do… do the opposite. As an example, while you’re sitting during the day:  If you have a tendency to hold yourself rigid, perhaps with your shoulders … Continue reading Yoga Tools – Open Your Mind

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