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Do you suffer from pain and perhaps the sleepless nights, anxiety or depression that often accompanies chronic or persistent pain? Are you ready get back to doing the things that bring meaning and purpose to your life?

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I provide support along with information, practices and tools to help get you on the way to living your life the way you envision it. Together, we formulate a step-by-step plan forward.  You really can start anywhere. Most important is you’ll learn how to sustain this for yourself, over the long-term. 

Yoga offers much more than the bendy, flexible poses and postures you see in mainstream media.  We’ll explore evidence-informed practices that are ‘just right’ for you which may include movement, breath work, relaxation and/or meditative practices, mindfulness, and other exploration tools. 

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— live life with more ease —

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Let’s Get You Moving Again

The Editorial in the British Journal of Medicine (BJM), begins “Low back pain (LBP) is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is often associated with costly, ineffective and sometimes harmful care.[1] I’ve written about this before, here. What drives disability and poor care?[2] Unhelpful beliefs about LBP are associated with greater levels of pain, … Continue reading Let’s Get You Moving Again

You are not too old. It is never too late, for your pain to change.

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Taming the Beast, that is pain

Professor Lorimer Moseley explains how pain scientists are making amazing discoveries that can help you understand your pain, the first step in taming the beast. As you’ll see, pain always involves the nervous system and how your nervous system can be retrained. “How do you know if your pain system is being overprotective?” “How do … Continue reading Taming the Beast, that is pain

The Person in Pain

Often, when someone has persistent or chronic pain, what’s almost forgotten amidst the assessments, tests, diagnosis, and treatments, is the person. This person is not just a body with all these parts. Rather, someone who has a unique story, history, perspective and perception about what is happening with them. How pain affects almost every aspect … Continue reading The Person in Pain

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