More ease, more life!

Hi! I’m glad you found your way here.

More than anything, I hope you’ll find this space welcoming, spacious and safe.

I use awareness, movement, breath, and other practices to help you move and live your life with more ease. I also incorporate current information about pain with the intention of helping you gain confidence and are maybe less fearful about your body, your experience of pain, and overall – living life.

Many of the people I work with tell me they feel unheard, or they’re not believed, or they just don’t know what to do, where to go next. This might be in terms of pain but it might be something else, the many life challenges that we undoubtedly will face.

Together, let’s take some time, space, learn what is unique for you and help to bring about more ease, more ‘life’ back to your life.

I’ve seen it over and over again. Things can change. I would love to see that happen for you.

Hello! I’m Jody Ryan,

a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and Certified Pain Care yoga teacher.

I’m here to support you if you are someone living with persistent, complex pain or maybe feelings of depression, anxiety, feeling stuck in a cycle of discomfort or uncertainty.

With over 10 years of experience bringing awareness, movement, breath practices, and education to create more ease in people’s lives. Using a person-centered, holistic, and trauma-informed approach to care, rest assured your experience, your focus will be at the forefront in our time together.

Compassionate listening. Supportive care. A safe place to be.

Life’s Challenges

It’s often during life transitions or after a big event, illness, or change when you begin to feel stuck. Exhausted, maybe overwhelmed, in pain or discomfort. And sometimes a cycle of sleep disruption, anxiety or depression, or persistent pain begins.

These circumstances or challenges can be exhausting. Taking time to rest, reorient, slow down, breathe softly might be really useful. Or maybe you feel stuck or immobile and are looking for ways to move forward, gain energy and have resources to meet the day. Discernment of either is the first step towards living in this place of more ease.

Ways we can work together

Private Sessions

time and space for you

A safe place to be heard, acknowledged, and explore what feels right for you.

Online Learning

learn at your own pace

From home, on your schedule, at your convenience.

Unique Workshops

tailor-made for you

For companies, non-profits, community organizations.

See if my approach feels right for you.

Let’s talk

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“I must say, you and your program were exactly what I needed back then when my hip was such a mess. That was then, and the cane has long been parked in the hall closet. I’m doing much better. You helped me at my lowest, both physically and mentally during this challenge.” – Alan S.

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