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Whether sitting on a dock watching the sun, clouds and water pass by or engaging in all kinds of adventures, we all hope to participate fully in life. Does this feel out of reach?  

What is it you want to be able to do?  Do you feel stuck? Like you can’t move forward? Unsteady? Unsure what to do, how to change, move or grow or whether that’s even a possiblity for you?

Do you suffer from pain and perhaps the sleepless nights, anxiety or depression that often accompanies chronic or persistent pain?

I provide support along with information, practices and tools to help get you on the way to living your life, the way you envision it. Together, we formulate a step-by-step plan forward.  You really can start anywhere. Most important is you’ll learn how to sustain this for yourself, over the long-term. 

Yoga is much more than the bendy, flexible poses and postures you see in mainstream media.  We’ll explore evidence-informed practices that are ‘just right’ for you which may include movement, breath work, relaxation and/or meditative practices, mindfulness, and other exploration tools. 

If you’re interested in my Pain Care Yoga Classes starting again Nov 5th and want further information, click here.  For information about private therapeutic sessions or to register for classes, please contact me here

— live life with more ease —

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Peeling Back the Layers

Similar to the current biopsychosocial model used in the medical community when working with people suffering from chronic or persistent pain, yoga therapists utilize a comparable framework or philosophy, that being the panca maya kosha model. The felted model above (by my colleague @meyogalune) beautifully illustrates how we might look at, explore and peel back … Continue reading Peeling Back the Layers

Yoga and Science in Pain Care

How might we blend yoga with science to provide pain care to people? A new book just released provides a way forward. “Our vision is for this book to improve care for people living in pain, whether acute or chronic pain. We believe health care professionals and yoga therapists can enhance care through deeper understanding … Continue reading Yoga and Science in Pain Care

Yoga Classes for Pain Care

My desire for this update is that in some way it might inspire, be of benefit and most importantly, bring hope to you or someone you know who lives with chronic pain. Approximately 1 in 5 people in Canada suffer from chronic pain, with costs to the Canadian healthcare system between $47 billion and $60 … Continue reading Yoga Classes for Pain Care

Tell me already – what is the thing?

When people want help with a problem (like pain) they most often want to know What’s wrong How to fix it How long it will take My last few Instagram posts were shoulder movements that you might have found helpful. So, if you came to me asking for help in regards to shoulder or perhaps … Continue reading Tell me already – what is the thing?

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