It turns out – we are adaptable!

The most fascinating thing I’ve learned about the human body is we are adaptable. I think my brother, an evolutionary biologist, would be happy to hear me say that.

Tissue can change. Our brain can change.


This provides hope to anyone living with pain, chronic pain, limitation to mobility or perhaps psychological pain (or unease) from stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia. All of which are common problems affecting a large proportion of our 21st Century population.

Pain science

The experience of pain doesn’t necessarily/always correlate with the state of our tissue.


You may have some awful looking images on x-ray and yet not experience pain. You may experience pain, though not even have the limb that pains you (phantom limb pain).

Which doesn’t mean it’s all in your head but that pain is indeed, very complex

Fascia and connective tissue

Contrary to what you see in an anatomy book, we are not all these separate parts.

In fact, we’re more ‘connected’ than you might have imagined.

Not only are our bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons all connected, but also our organs and everything else … by fascia. This connectedness can sometimes be why you try to address a particular area causing you issue in your body and it’s not actually where the problem lies. Let alone these pieces and how they connect to our nervous system, which brings us to:


Contrary to our understanding up to about the year 2002, our brain can change.

Thank goodness. As I continue to age, all hope is not lost!

This is revolutionary in terms of not only how we can keep learning, but also how we can change behaviour and adapt.

What does all of this have to do with how well you can or cannot move? The fact that you have pain or not? Why it flares up?

Let’s explore this (new) information and try to answer those questions.

And … simple things you can learn to do throughout the day, that might help.

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