30 Minute Practices

These recorded practices have come about due to the current situation we find ourselves in with the emergence of COVID-19 and the need to isolate, or practice social distancing.

Anyone looking for an opportunity to find some calm, time, and space might benefit from gentle movement, various breath practices, and other ways that help calm the nervous system.

If you experience pain from various conditions like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, more generalized musculoskeletal pain (common areas like low back, hips, shoulders, feet, neck, pelvis) you might find these sessions helpful. I’ve also had people in class who are undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment, injury or surgery recovery, and the often accompanying anxiety and depression. So really, a wide variety of health concerns.

As always, if this is new to you please check in with your doctor or healthcare practitioner to see if this is something they recommend. I am a Certified Pain Care Yoga teacher which means I’ve had training in these movement practices along with current pain science research which helps to inform the content of the classes. I hope you’ll come along and practice with me and others.

26 March 2020

My first introductory online yoga class. Some time is taken at the start of the video to check in and to offer some guidelines around moving if you experience persistent or chronic pain.

Then, some gentle movement laying down (or can be done in a chair) and a couple short practices while seated.

Here is the link, to practice along to the recording.

2 April 2020

This week, how might you find stability that allows for mobility? Can you find the support needed to remain adaptable to the challenges we face, both physically and mentally? Might support and stability provide a feeling of ease in your body?

Here is the link, to practice along to the recording.

9 APRIL 2020

Technical difficulties experienced on April 9th, so we’ll try again this week. Look for a new practice to be posted Thursday, April 16th.

16 April 2020

A gentle practice that begins in standing and then moving down to the floor. Paying attention to, and starting with, small movement and then making the movement larger if it feels right and safe to do so. Some progressive forward bending, linking breath and movement. The practice could also be done sitting in a chair.

Here is the link, to practice along with the recording.

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