If you live with persistent or chronic pain, I’m glad you found your way here. Living with pain is hard. Frustrating.

Yet, I have seen over and over again that with some tools, information, and support you can influence or change your pain.

I must say you and your program were exactly what I needed back then when my hip was such a mess. That was then, and the cane has long been parked in the hall closet. I’m doing much better, you helped me at my lowest, both physically and mentally, during this challenge.” – Alan

Understanding your pain and how pain works is now considered to be a ‘treatment’ for chronic pain. You don’t need to know all the nuances, but enough so you might finally be able to make sense of your pain. That’s one piece, we can cover. It’s not enough though, to read about it or ‘understand pain’. There is also the movement piece.

You might ask,

how do I move, when faced with pain?

Understandably, it’s difficult. I’ve been in your shoes or something similar (my story, here). Chronic pain, then a diagnosis, and the prognosis. Often creating fear, uncertainty and worry. We need to move to live our life, so it becomes a very big deal.

That first step might be contacting me for a FREE 15-minute conversation to explore how we might work together.

Attend any pain clinic program and you’ll find some form of gentle movement (often yoga, tai chi, etc.) along with relaxation and/or mindfulness practices as part of the supported self-management strategies you’ll learn. Yoga offers these, along with additional tools you can learn to tailor specifically for you and your life.

My overall approach is similar to the biopsychosocial (BPS) framework often used in these pain management programs. We look at your unique experience of pain. I want to listen to your story, your life. Context matters.

Let’s get curious and explore what contributors to your pain, might be. Then, providing support and together, formulating a step-by-step plan forward for you. You really can start anywhere. Most important is you’ll learn how to sustain this for yourself, over the long-term.

Get back to doing what’s most important, meaningful to you.
It’s never to late to begin.

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