Group Classes

My approach to group classes is with a focus on helping you learn to feel and observe what’s going on in your own body.

Taking a slow and gentle approach we’ll work on balance, stability, mobility and strength in a safe and non-competitive environment. I look to educate, so tend to offer new information or ways to approach postures in each class.

Attention will be drawn to the breath, how to move and to do so in your safe and pain-free range of motion. You’ll learn awareness what that is, when and how you’re compensating in order to ‘do’ a pose and how to actually increase your ability to do so without compensation.

Stability  +  Balance  +  Strength   =   Flexibility (or variability)

Having gained stability, balance and strength you’ll be amazed at how your range of motion will increase. You’ll have more flexibility, which leads to more options on and off the mat!

Currently in Kanata/Stittsville, ON  Canada

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