Just Right, For You

4-week Workshop

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Do you live with persistent or chronic pain? Are you having trouble sleeping? Coping? Managing day-to-day? Unable to find stability, safety, solid ground.

Has your pain, or your sleep become worse over the last while?

Maybe you keep stretching, rolling, trying harder, doing more and nothing seems to change.

You’re having to rely on more and more pharmaceuticals, to get you through the day (and night).

Or perhaps you’re someone who’s just getting older and,

you can’t seem to do the things you enjoy anymore, or

you’re not able to function so well in your day-to-day activities.


What helps most is the things you do consistently. It doesn’t take long. Really, only a few minutes each day is what we’re looking for.

Yet, I understand how hard this can be. It seems like such a big task.

You can and will feel better. I see it time and time again. It may feel like a hard thing to do , but we’ll do it together, one step at a time.

And it doesn’t have to be the particular things you’ll learn here for the rest of your life. But yoga has so much to offer at least to begin with, to get you moving again. Help you sleep better. Better manage what will always be the inevitable stress and challenges in life.

Learn a few straightforward and simple practices, incorporate them into your day and then go out and do whatever floats your boat. Get out on the golf course, dig into some gardening, go out walking to catch up with friends you miss (of course, when it is deemed safe to do so again by Public Health Officials) or just live your life with a little more ease. Build the capacity to do so and most important – have fun!

That’s what this workshop is about. Let’s break it down into manageable chunks.

WEEK 1 – Morning options – what might you do when waking up even before getting out of bed, to get you started? Spend just a few minutes and begin your day with more ease, less pain.

WEEK 2Evening options – what might you do to make the transition to a restful sleep a little easier? What might you do if you wake up during the night? How might you get enough sleep, rest?

WEEK 3Daytime options – We’ll cover the basics. Figure out what might be needed, what to do, when to do it. Options you choose from. It doesn’t have to be a lot, or complicated.

WEEK 4Rest, Renew, Recover, Resiliency options – Constructive rest. Calm the nervous system. What does that even mean? How might it be helpful? When might you do this? What might be the result? Again, easy, simple options to find what’s ‘Just Right, For You’.

*Each week you will learn what can help YOU feel better at various times in the day.
*By the end of four weeks you’ll have your own personalized plan to follow.


→  You will feel better. Seriously. What you can do to feel better.

→  Better care or management of your pain.

→  Improved sleep.

→  More easeful, functional movement.

→  Better manage stress.

→  Non-pharmacological care.

→  Positively influence your immune system, aid in lowering inflammation.

→  Fits into your life.

→  Done in your home.

→  On your own schedule.

→  Time saving – easy to manage.

→  You get to choose when and what to do.

Save $$ in the end. All the $$ you keep spending on other things/treatments that provide relief short-term, but not over the long-term.

Less than $20/week for the 4-week workshop.

What you will be doing

→  One hour Zoom call each Monday morning for 4 weeks at 10:00am to explore and learn the practice options and begin to choose what is ‘Just Right, For You’.

→  Movement, awareness, breath, and even some distraction practices (for when you do have pain, or can’t seem to fall asleep).

→  Morning and evening rituals to help you ease into the day, ease into sleep at night.

→  Other areas we’ll explore: Apps, videos, journaling, pausing, noticing thoughts and feelings. Time and space to do so.

→  Participate and interact with others if you choose to, during the weekly BONUS Q&A calls (see below).

What you will receive

→  A recording of each Monday’s Zoom call/workshop, so you can review and practice it at any time.

→  A weekly checklist to keep you on track, explore your options. Learn what works, what doesn’t work for you. Build a plan, a routine specific to you.

→  A pdf copy of what’s presented, what we cover each week.

Bonus: Join in a FREE 30-minute Q&A zoom call on Wednesday morning each week. Check in, review your progress, problems, get answers to questions and concerns you and others might have.

who this is for, who might it not be for?

These are hard times. You may benefit from finding routine, some ground, a way to help you feel better if you’re having some of the experiences or symptoms mentioned above. The opposite, might also be true. There is a lot going on and adding more in might not be a good fit for you. Neither is right or wrong, but rather what is true and ‘Just Right, For You’.

This workshop is not meant to be a ‘fix-it’ or ‘fix-you’ program. Rather, it’s exploring what works, what doesn’t, what’s ‘Just Right, For You’. Often programs don’t work as ‘one thing’ is meant to be a good fit for everyone. I find that’s not the case. We are not all the same, with the same history, environment, bodies, concerns and needs.

You need to do the work. You need to do the practices. I will be there to support you. Guide you safely. Answer questions.

Often, other treatments are done ‘to you’. Research shows you need to engage your brain, your nervous system, be aware, be an active participant. The path to change is not a ‘passive’ process.

Bring curiosity, the willingness to learn and explore what feels ‘Just Right, For You‘.

Start where you are TODAY. You really can start anywhere. If you can breathe, you can do this.

It doesn’t take up much time, all day, or even an hour at a time. Rather, just small bits and pieces. On your schedule.

Cost to you

A one-time payment of $75. That’s less than $20 a week. The cost of a meal out each week, maybe what you spend on a pedicure every two weeks, about the same as one treatment with other therapists/health care providers. Sadly, none of those are available at the moment so maybe another reason to try something new and different.

Set yourself up for success. Let’s work together, so you can be ready to get back to doing whatever it is, you love to do most. I would love for you to join in!

If $75 is too much to pay right now, please feel free to reach out and we can discuss. I don’t want you to miss the opportunity due to current financial limitations many are experiencing.