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Life is really challenging at the moment. There is a lot to take in. It might feel heavy, uncertain, daunting. You might wonder what you can do? Where you might find some support?

I hope these offerings will be of use to you. If you have specific questions, please feel free to get in touch, below.

Understanding mechanisms, principles behind change and adaptation, matters.


Breath and Nervous System Regulation
Pain as an Alarm
Your Ability to Adapt – Neuroplasticity
Stress, the Nervous System & the Brain

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Short presentations on a wide variety of topics.

Whether for support and rest or to build strength and capacity, just a few minutes each day can make all the difference.


How to Move in Safety, When You Have Pain
What Does Having Agency Mean?
Deep, Restful, Restorative Poses
Breath – Softer, Longer, Smoother

Coming Soon!

Short practices when you need a little support.

What else might be supportive? Useful to know?

trusted resources

Trusted websites, resources, places to find out more about persistent or chronic pain, what might be helpful. Current, contemporary tools for you.

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