Practices & Resources

Life is really challenging at the moment. There is a lot to take in. It might feel heavy, uncertain, daunting. You might already live with persistent pain and wonder what you can do now? Where you might find some support? Might you find a few minutes a day, for some movement, some peace, some calm.

I hope these offerings will be of use to you. If you have specific questions, please feel free to get in touch, below.

Adaptability, resilience,
through consistent practice

30-min practices

Free guided 30-minute practices. Gentle movement, breath awareness, meditative or restorative practices that are specific for people living with persistent or chronic pain, but accessible and applicable to most anyone who’d benefit from a slow, gentle practice.

Click HERE, to see what might suit you today.

For just a few minutes …

pause for a mini-practice

Practices you can do throughout the day when you feel the need for some gentle movement, breath or meditative practices. 2-15 min long.

Click HERE, to pause, take a break, check in using these mini-practices.

What else might be supportive?


Trusted websites, resources, places to find out more about persistent or chronic pain, what might be helpful. Current, contemporary tools for you.

Click HERE for a list of trusted resources.

Questions? Need support?

Please reach out.