Understanding pain in 5 minutes, and what to do about it. Click here.

TEDxAdelaide – Lorimer Moseley – Why Things Hurt. Click here.

Tame the Beast – it’s time to rethink persistent pain. Click here.

Pain Scientists Answer Common Questions About Pain. Click here.


Insight Timer – 30,000 guided meditations. I use this often, just for short 5 to 10 minute meditations and usually just for the timer feature. Though you can add on sounds (beach, fire crackling, bells, nature, etc.), music, etc. There are also guided meditations and courses available, some to help you specifically with sleep, others for kids. Lots on offer.

“We believe everyone deserves access to a free daily meditation practice. Which is why we publish the world’s largest collection of free guided meditations, with over 30,000 titles.” Click here.


Sleep better, reduce stress, build resilience, increase focus and creativity, relax body and mind. Click here.


My Cuppa Jo – Making sense of pain through science and stories. Bridging the gap between patients and health professionals. Click here.

(Tina’s) Living Well With Pain – “Through this blog I share my thoughts on understanding pain, self-managing pain and of living and working well with pain. Written for both people suffering from persistent pain and HCPs (particularly physiotherapists).” Click here.

Healthskills – Health professionals supporting chronic pain self management. Bronwyn Thompson, PhD, MSc (Psych) 1st Class Hons, DipOT, Registered Occupational Therapist. Primarily for health care professionals, but Bronwyn lives with persistent pain, so brings in her own own experience. Provides thoughtful insights, information along with current research and best practice. Click here.


Explain Pain, David Butler, Lorimer Moseley, 2016 (Second Edition. “All pain is real, and for many people it is a debilitating part of everyday life. However, it is now known that the more we understand pain, the less we will hurt. ” Click here, for more information.

Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain. Edited by Neil Pearson, Shelly Prosko and Marlysa Sullivan. “Takes an integrated approach to pain rehabilitation and combines pain science, rehabilitation and yoga with evidence-based approaches from respected contributors. They demonstrate how to integrate the concepts, philosophies and practices of yoga and pain science in working with people in pain.” Click here, for more info.

Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers: The Acclaimed Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases, and Coping. Robert M. Sapolsky. “combines cutting-edge research with a healthy dose of good humor and practical advice to explain how prolonged stress causes or intensifies a range of physical and mental afflictions, including depression, ulcers, colitis, heart disease, and more.” Click here, for more information.


The Pain Toolkit, helping people all over the world self manage and cope with persistent pain. Click here, for more information.

Pain BC. Research shows that getting involved in managing your pain can have a big impact on your quality of life. Self-management refers to the skills and behaviors that can help you live well with your chronic condition. Self-management doesn’t replace physical therapies, medication, and psychological support, but it’s a big part of feeling better. Click here.

Physio Yoga “PhysioYoga Therapy is an approach to rehabilitation that combines evidence informed Physical Therapy and yoga therapy, resulting in a holistic or biopsychosocial approach to your rehabilitation experience.

Physical Therapy (or Physiotherapy) is a well respected health care profession that uses evidence informed treatment methods to help clients restore and maintain optimal movement and function, provide pain rehabilitation and pain care, as well as provide education on health creation, maintenance and injury prevention.”

Shelly Prosko, of Physio Yoga is a physiotherapist, yoga therapist, author, speaker, and educator and offers a rich variety of resources on her website that are helpful for people living with pain in general, and more specifically, pelvic pain. Click here to learn more.

Local to Ottawa Area

The Ottawa Hospital Pain Clinic. The Ottawa Hospital Pain Clinic serves the needs of adult patients in the Ottawa Champlain LHIN (Local Health Integration Network) living with chronic pain. Click here, for more information.

Living Healthy – Champlain Region. Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain is a six week workshop for anyone suffering from pain, which could include but is not limited to : low back pain, pain from motor vehicle accidents, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Anyone can register themselves for a workshop, no referral from a health care professional is needed. (currently not being offered due to the COVID-19 restrictions.) Click here, for more information.

General Interest

Chronic Pain in Canada: Laying a Foundation for Action. A report by the Canadian Pain Task Force, June 2019. Click here, to read the report.