Tues, 14 Feb 2017: Yoga, Tools for Life – Rest Easy

Tues, 21 Feb 2017: Yoga, Tools for Life – Awareness

Tues, 7 Mar 2017: Yoga, Tools for Life – Open Your Mind


It can be difficult to find the resources you need to help.  If you suffer from chronic or persistent pain, in particular, I’ve gathered an extensive list of websites I will direct you to containing excellent resources, information, on-line courses, toolkits, programs, and video’s.

Please email me here with a little background information on what you might be seeking help with. I’ll forward on to you, what might be appropriate.

Here a couple of the best sites in terms of current information and research on pain, and  for helping people in pain.

If working privately with me in yoga therapy sessions appeals to you, contact me here.