Walk This Way

8-week program

walking feels simple, until it isn’t…

One of those things that you’re supposed to be able to do naturally, until it doesn’t happen that way.

You might be someone who experiences pain while walking. In your feet, knees, or hips perhaps.

Or for whatever reason, you just don’t feel safe walking these days. You may have a fear of falling. You might feel unstable and therefore, vulnerable.

It might be helpful to know first, that you are not alone.

Having lived overseas for many years, each time coming back to Canada I would notice the increase in people who were using mobility aids. Getting off the airplane there would be this lineup of wheelchairs and walkers, ready for use. It used to be this was more common in very aged populations, but I began noticing it among those my own age as well (I just turned 60). I feel really sad about it, actually. With people’s life expectancy or life-span going up, the health span or active living might be going down. Surely, it doesn’t have to be this way?

Personally, I experienced difficulty with walking due to chronic, or persistent pain about 6 years ago (though it’s now resolved). Which is likely why I was observing how others were doing. Were they able to walk on their own? Did they appear stable and confident with each stride, or was there a observable hesitancy with each step. A rigidity, a holding, uncertainty that could be observed? Surely, it didn’t have to be this way?

Women (11.2%) are more likely than men (7.9%) to have a disability related to mobility. The likelihood of having a mobility disability increases with age, with the highest proportion among those aged 65 years and older (24.1%). Almost 2.7 million people or 1 in 10 Canadians aged 15 and older had a mobility disabilty in 2017, making it one of the most common disability types.

walking with more ease, can be your new experience

Learning basic mechanics of walking is helpful. So is bringing awareness to your own movement patterns, exploring whether they are supportive or not. Having simple practices you can do during the day to improve your strength, stability, mobility and balance.

Imagine feeling more confident walking, and how that will effect everything else you’re trying to do in your life.

Come, Walk This Way.

Information, practices, tools and resources to build this confidence. A community with others to build connection, not feel so alone with your worries and concerns, motivate one another. Explore what’s right for you in this new 8-week online program.


  • Feel more confident in walking.
  • Less fear around falling.
  • Experience more ease, less pain in hips, feet, knees. Maybe even in your upper body. It’s all connected.
  • Create unique, individual practices for you to aid in stability, mobility and balance.
  • Identify changes you might make to your footwear or environment to support walking.
  • Identify what might be contributors to pain, uncertainty, instability.
  • Feel like you have some control over your body and your mobility.
  • Understand the systems that affect your sleep.

What you will BE DOING

Explore how you stand, walk and move, including movement patterns.

Learn about your feet and pelvis in particular, primarily from experiential practices or activities. They are both key.

Learn how your breath might affect how you walk, move and stand.

Techniques to create strength, mobility, stability and balance.

A place where where you can connect with others and ask questions.

Topics each week

  • Module 1 – Your Focus & Intention for the Program – A Compassionate Approach
  • Module 2 – Exploring the Mechanics of Walking
  • Module 3 – Your Feet – A Landing Place
  • Module 4 – Your Pelvis – Central to Movement & Load Transfer
  • Module 5 – The Fear of Falling – Finding Balance & Safety
  • Module 6 – Breath & Your Pelvic Floor
  • Module 7 – Your Environment Plays a Role
  • Module 8 – Wandering Into Your Future – What Comes Next

What you will RECEIVE

1-hour online group session each week. Included will be a presentation about the various topics and themes for the week, related experiential practices, time to ask questions, and engage in discussion about the material.

Additional Resources: Based on the topic each week, there will be links to videos, visuals, research, additional practices to explore.

Who this is for

You are someone who has had issues or concerns with your ability to walk, to remain mobile, or to gain mobility again after an injury or illness. Maybe you feel stuck, and unable to change.

You are willing to spend a few minutes a day, engaging in some practices. It doesn’t have to take long, but there is a need to apply what you learn and experience.

You can bring some curiosity, perhaps challenge your own beliefs about what you can and can’t do and how this can change.

Who this might not be for

You are looking for a quick fix, or to be ‘fixed’.

I truly don’t believe you or anyone else is ‘broken’ or needs ‘fixing’. Rather can you get curious, explore and uncover some contributors and/or retrain some long established patterns that you may have been unaware of.

You are looking for the ‘one thing’ that will change everything.

If there were one thing that worked for everyone, we would probably not so many people with mobility issues.

Start Date

The start date is Feb 9th, 2022. We’ll meet on zoom at 11:00am ET, but if you can’t make the specific time a recording will be available the next day on the Teach:able platform. Along with any other related information, resources, practices.

It’s important to PRACTICE what is provided week, by week. Though afterwards, you can go back and review anything at any time. Access will be available for 30 days after the program finishes and much of the content will be downloadable, so yours to keep forever.

cost of the program

Only $30/week. Invest in yourself. Invest in your future self.

You might pay much more for a complete program like this, but my hope is to make it accessible to anyone who might benefit and wish to attend. Affordable, and also accessible as you can participate from your own home, at your own pace.

Get in on the SPECIAL EARLY BIRD PRICING , available until February 2nd, and save $40! Two payment options are available. If funds are limited at the moment, please send an email to info@yogatoolsforlife.com about sliding scale/scholarship opportunities. ​I really hope to make this accessible for anyone.

Please share this with others who might benefit. Thank you!

I hope anyone who might benefit from this, who is struggling with challenges with walking, has the opportunity to participate. All in the convenience of your own home. Truly, accessible.

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