What others say…

“I had the great fortune of participating in Jody’s yoga classes. There were people with all experience levels in our class and though I had practiced yoga before meeting Jody, she truly provided a unique perspective to the discipline and adjusted her teachings to accommodate each of our skill levels. Her expertise extends far beyond poses and sequences. Jody has a vast knowledge of the human body and the restorative effects of yoga techniques. Each class was different and offered variety while maintaining a consistent theme of discovering our body’s abilities. Her calm and gentle approach really encouraged us to feel the movements and develop a strong mind-body connection. Jody is a fantastic leader and I’d recommend her programs to anyone!”

  • Nancy

“Jody’s yoga classes were always well structured with clear explanations. What we both loved most about her classes was her gentle, fun and non-judgemental approach. We always came away from her classes feeling extremely energized, yet completely relaxed.”

  • M & E Booth

“Jody’s classes were always inspiring to me. Both in the way she approaches her students with a welcoming smile and the way she shares her knowledge and love for yoga. Jody inspires me as a yoga teacher and a person.

  • Carolina Heller, Yoga & Pilates Teacher

“I started practicing yoga at the age of 55 years old and was very lucky to have Jody as a teacher, for about a year or so. The reason I started doing yoga… was because of the cancer I had and I read a book saying that yoga is very good for yoga patients.

Jody is very kind with students and lets them feel very comfortable in classes. She is dedicated to her students, always with a big smile on her face. Her classes were on Fridays and at that time, it was the best day of the week mostly because of her. Of course, I had limitations to do some things but I never felt bad because I learned that yoga is a practice for ourselves. Thank you Jody, for being the way you are.”

  • Love, Marisa Silva