Customized workshops.

Pain Care Yoga

Learn what practices you can do for yourself, to help with persistent or chronic pain. Along the way you’ll also learn what the current science says about pain, it’s complexity … and factors that may contribute to your unique experience of pain. Most important you’ll learn how to work with your nervous system and create long term change.

No matter how long you’ve experienced chronic or persistent pain, it’s never to late to begin.

…. coming soon… in March/April 2019. 

2. Walk this Way

We all have to get around in this world

Some want to go trekking, skiing, running, climbing and exploring. Others just need to get to the kitchen, car, work, home, to the store and back. Other than perhaps sitting, what do we do more of in our life than move from place to place?

In this workshop, you’ll explore basic mechanics required to walk efficiently and with a sense of ease and stability.  We’ll then explore these movements and how with just a few minutes a day, you can change the way you move with more ease, more strength, more stability. And as a bonus, you might just reduce or relieve some areas of pain that you thought were unrelated. Curious?

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