What might help to support people in their life?

A wide variety of options available for concerns about chronic stress, persistent pain, sleep disorders, anxiety & depression, and digestive issues. Creating awareness and safely, slowly and gently empowering individuals with the capacity to influence their nervous system that facilitate options, flexibility and a compassionate response to life’s challenges. A holistic, yet evidence based person-centered approach.

Often, the approach used is “top-down”. What do I mean by that? Well, it might be someone telling you to “just calm down”. “Go outside and exercise, you’ll feel better.” Change your thoughts, change your life. “Just be positive.” You may notice, it’s hard to change the mind, with the mind.

This approach seems to not be working so well. The statistics show that anxiety, depression, chronic pain, many ‘lifestyle’ diseases are getting worse, not better.

Instead, using a ‘bottom up’ approach you can facilitate change to the autonomic nervous system using breath, movement, and other tools. Which will affect pain, mood, the stress response. Curious to learn more?

As a yoga therapist (certifying) with over 10 years of experience I look forward to creating individualized programs and workshops to meet your organization, community or other group’s needs.

I love what I do, and offer it with passion. I look forward to working with you. Some ideas and past workshops are noted below but I would love to tailor something specific for you.

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Rest & Restore: strategies for sleep

One hour: Presentation & Experiential Practices

Practices and information to support you with sleep or in finding rest. Giving yourself time and space to rest can be a challenge, let alone finding ways to do so. Practical tools to use during the day, to help you get to sleep, and what you might do if waking up in the night.

Learn how your nervous system affects your sleep and explore in a compassionate and gentle way, how you can influence this.

Equipment needed: blanket, pillow(s), chair

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Resources for stressful times & transitions

One hour: Presentation & Experiential Practices

Using a compassionate and gentle approach informed by current research you’ll learn:

  • To listen in to the signals your body constantly provides, that may be just under your level of awareness.
  • Why this awareness is important for overall wellbeing, but particularly in times of stress and transitions.
  • To use a bottom-up approach to influence your nervous system and stress response.
  • Simple, yet supportive practices to facilitate what might be supportive to you. Perhaps it is rest, distraction, or some calm.

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Topics to explore, tailor-made for you.

What might be needed?

  • Stress, life and nervous system adaptation.
  • Exploring contributors to complex pain.
  • Can’t sleep? NSDR (non-sleep deep rest) might be a useful alternative.

What might be supportive?

  • Creating resilience in stressful times.
  • Exploring deep rest; restoration in challenging times.
  • Finding ground, stability when everything keeps shifting around you.
  • How to move safely when living with pain.

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