Customized workshops, generally 2 hours in length.

A few ideas and suggestions are below but let me know where the gap is in your studio or community and we’ll work together on that.

1. Let’s Get Hippy

No matter what or where ‘the problem’ lies, areas that often need to be addressed are the hip or shoulders and how the coordination of movement between these joints work well together, or not. Frequently, improvements in your hips can change things both up the body (think shoulders, neck) or down (think knees and feet).

By first becoming aware of your actual movement, then by retraining and/or re-patterning you will:

  • learn to move well,
  • reduce or get out of pain, and often
  • improve upon your range of motion

2. Observation is Key

What’s moving that shouldn’t be?

What’s not moving that should be?

It’s one thing to look at a picture of a pose and wiggle around until you find the shape.

How you get there or often why you can’t is where the truth lays. Though you can’t see or know everything that’s happening, there are clues. Particularly if you find yourself in pain when, or after, you get there.

In this workshop, we’ll explore how to see more. Where to look. We’ll break down common movements and poses to get you on the way to seeing how you and those you work with move. Which all leads to less compensation, less pain and more progress.

3. The Elusive Core

What it is. What it is not. How to get it.

Time and time again core is practiced, taught and sought after. It’s what people ‘see’ when they look at cool yoga poses on Instagram. Though we might do that for 5 minutes in our day (if we happen to stick a handstand or something) what we really need a strong core for is to get around in our day.

In this workshop you’ll learn about and work towards my teacher’s definition:

control and coordination over a range of motion

No talk of abs. We won’t be doing the many bracing and breath holding exercises like in so many core workshops (when everyone finally stops doing whatever they’ve been trying to do and there’s a collective ‘sigh’ as everyone breathes again).

You’ll learn how to pave the way for a strong core to naturally emerge and why it is central to everything we do.

4. Walk this Way

We all have to get around in this world

Some want to go trekking, skiing, running, climbing and exploring. Others just need to get to the kitchen, car, work, home, to the store and back.

Other than perhaps sitting, what do we do more of in our life than move from place to place?

In this workshop, you’ll explore basic mechanics required to walk efficiently and with a sense of ease and stability.  We’ll then explore these movements and how with just a few minutes a day, you can change the way you move. And as a bonus, you might just reduce or relieve some areas of pain that you thought were unrelated. Curious?

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