Individual, 1:1 Sessions

Regardless of the ‘condition’ each person is unique, therefore each session is unique. Over the course of a lifetime we learn and embody patterns of response, movement, behavior, breath, even thoughts and beliefs. They often serve us well at the time in terms of coping with life’s challenges but at other times, we get stuck in these ‘grooves’ when it might actually be helpful to change things up. Which can be difficult to do unless we first become aware of them and then explore whether they are nourishing or depleting. Helpful or unhelpful. Wanted or no longer needed.

We’ll work together, as a team. You’ll learn skills and tools that apply to daily living and you can do at home that are tailored and unique to you. We’ll use gentle movement, breath and awareness practices along with meditative or relaxation practices based on your personal history, condition, lifestyle and context of your life as it is today. There may also be education, information and resources provided, intended to aid in understanding and empowering you with clarity, and perhaps wisdom and compassion about your circumstances or condition.

Gentle and subtle listening in. Building awareness in varying circumstances. Working together to bring curiosity to uncover what is, or is not, serving you well. These practices allows you to explore in a safe, gentle, and compassionate way.

Offering individualized one-to-one private sessions. Allowing for lots of time, our first session together will be 90-minutes, and subsequent ones 60 minutes in length.

90 minute, initial session

We spend extra time in the first session together to get to know one another a little, for me to understand what’s important to you and why. Where your strengths lay that we can build upon.

Through listening and inquiry we will explore practices that are appropriate, helpful and connected to your focus or goals. As a yoga therapist I use various assessment tools and along with practice time in the session, providing an individualized program for you to take home at the end.

It’s important you have time to practice the home program so we generally meet again in another week or two, for a follow-up session (or sessions).

60 minute, follow-up session

We’ll review our work together from the first session and see ‘where you’re at’ today and go from there.

I don’t use a template for this work, but rather aspire to listen well and understand what is most important to you in each session.

Again, there will be initial discussion between us, followed by practices and then time given to review your new, updated home program.

FREE, 15 minute conversation

It’s important we are a good fit for working together.

For you, to learn about me and the approach I’ll use and whether it feels right for you. And for me, to learn about you as well.

At the end of your session, you’ll receive a personalized program unique to your needs and lifestyle. Typically, we’ll meet again every week or two to check in with how you’re doing and go from there.

If you would like to know more about my approach, have questions, wonder how we might work together, please feel free to get in touch, below.

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